Power Strip 5


Paradan radio presents the Power Strip 5

Neaten up your station with this 40 Ampere power strip.  It is ideal for your station,  mobile and in go-boxes.  The horizontal design permits easy fan out from the four individually fused Powerpole outputs.  The USB connector provides 5 volts to charge cell phones and other USB powered devices.  An LED lights up behind a fuse, if it is blown.  This power strip plugs directly into the eight output power strip’s “add-on” connector.  Anderson locking clips can be used to secure the connecting cables.  Comes with a 6 foot power cord with Powerpoles and ring terminals. .  


Voltage:  Nominal 13.8 volts, Maximum 18 volts

Current:  40 Amperes total

Fuses:  (1) 40A, (2) 25A, (1) 10A, (1) 1A

Connectors:  Powerpoles

Enclosure:  Black painted aluminum

Dimensions:  7.25 x 2.5 x 1.0 inches.  Powerpoles extend 0.6 inches

Weight:  8.5 oz., 250 g

Power Cord:  6 ft #12 AWG Red/Black wire, Powerpoles to ¼-inch Ring Terminals

User Manual: Download PDF