Power Strip 8


Paradan radio presents the Power Strip 8   OUT OF STOCK  We expect delivery in Janaury

This is a 40 ampere power strip with many sought-after features.  The ‘horizontal” design permits easy fan-out from the eight individually fused Powerpole outputs.  Voltage and current are displayed on the backlit LCD digital meter.  There is an ON-OFF-AUTO power switch.  In AUTO, the power is turned off if the input voltage is too low, saving batteries and equipment from damage.  An LED lights up behind a fuse, if it is blown.   The tri- color LED shows high, correct, or low operating voltage.  The output add-on Powerpole can connect to our Power Strip 5.  A 6 foot power cord is supplied. Can be used with Anderson Locking Clips to secure the cables. 


Voltage:  Nominal 13.8 volts, Maximum 18 volts

Current:  40 Amperes total

LCD Meter:  up to 20.00 volts, and up to 40.00 amperes.  Backlight switch

Auto Mode:  Low voltage turn-off at 10.5 V, turn-on is 12.8 V. YEL LED shows “tripped off”

Tri-Color LED:  YEL below 11.5Volts, GRN 11.5-15 Volts, RED above 15Volts

Pass FET:  60 Amp FET, 

Fuses:  (1) 40A, (3) 25A, (2) 10A, (1) 5A, (2) 1A

Connectors: Powerpoles

Dimensions:  12.0 x 4.0 x 1.0, Power poles extend 0.5 inches, Fuses extend 0.25 inches

Weight:  1 lb., 3oz.

Power Cord:  6 ft #12 awg Red/Black, Powerpoles to ¼ in. Ring Terminals 

User Manual: Download PDF