Amp Fan


Paradan radio presents the Amp Fan

This quiet fan sits above the power amplifier’s tube vent to provide additional cooling.  This extends the tube’s life. It is ideal for amplifiers when transmitting RTTY, PSK31, SSTV and all digital modes, especially in hot climates.   The fan plugs into your station’s 13.8 Volt supply.  It can be switched ON, OFF, or AUTO.  In auto, a thermal switch turns the fan ON when the tubes exhaust temperature is more than 105 degrees.


Fan Size:  5-inches

Voltage:  12-15 volts DC

Current:  300 ma average

Air Flow:   Vertically upward,  CFM

Connector:  Powerpoles

Noise:  70 dB SPL

Weight:  1 lb., 1 oz.

User Manual: Download PDF