Bioenno 15 Amp-Hour Battery


Model BLF-1215A

This is a Lithium-Ferrous-Phosphate (LiFePO4) battery.  It uses state-of-the-art chemistry resulting in batteries that are both physically and thermally extremely stable.  Importantly they are intrinsically safer than other lithium chemistries because of their strong ultra-stable Fe-PO bond.  These batteries offer many advantages relative to sealed lead acid batteries (SLA).  Here are five top advantages:

·        First, they cannot sulfate, leak,  or vent, like an SLA

·        Second, they weigh about 60% less, and are half the volume, of an SLA

·        Third, charge and discharge life cycles exceed 2000, compared with 300 for SLA’s
·        Fourth, built in protection for overcharging and discharging and cell balancing

·        Fifth, 100% of their Amp-Hour capacity is available, whereas about 60% for SLA’s

Bioenno  batteries are nominally “12” volts.  When fully charged they measure 13.8 volts.  During discharge the voltage will drop very slowly until around 12 volts at 90% discharged, 11.5 volts at 95% discharged, and turning off at 11.0 volts when the full amp-hour rating is reached.  

Bioenno Battery BLF-1215A

This is a 15 Amp-Hour battery.  It is outfitted with a Powerpole connector and a special DC socket to permit connection to a convenient charger. This makes it is ideal for powering radio transmitters for amateur, or general communication.  It can power a 100 watt transceiver radio for over 7.5 hours.  Click on "Charger" and choose either a 2 amp ($22.00) or a 4 amp ($25.000 charger.   Shipping is by US Postal, PARCEL POST, Ground service only.   


Type:  Lithium-Ferrous-Phosphate.  LiFePO4.

Nominal Voltage:  12 Volts

Maximum Charged Quiescent Voltage: 13.8 Volts

Minimum Voltage: 11.0 Volts at cutoff

Float Voltage:  14.6 volts

Capacity:  15 Ampere-Hours
Maximum Discharge Current: 30 Amperes continuously
Output Connector:  6 inch wire with Red, Black Powerpole

Charging Connector: 6 inch wire with a DC socket (Note: This wire connects to the output wire)

Size: 6.0 x 3.9 x 3.8 inches

Case:  Thermally shrunk plastic, construction board, not water proof

Weight: 4.5 lbs.

Warrantee: 2 years from purchase date