Bioenno 9 Amp-Hour Battery


Model BLF-1209A

This is a Lithium-Ferrous-Phosphate (LiFePO4) battery.  It uses state of the art chemistry resulting in batteries that are both physically and thermally extremely stable.  Importantly they are intrinsically safer than other lithium chemistries because of their strong ultra-stable Fe-PO bond.  These batteries offer many advantages relative to sealed lead acid batteries (SLA).  Here are five top advantages:

·        First, they cannot sulfate, leak,  or vent, like an SLA

·        Second, they weigh about 60% less, and are half the volume, of an SLA

·        Third, charge and discharge life cycles exceed 2000, compared with 300 for SLA’s
·        Fourth, built in protection for overcharging and discharging and cell balancing

·        Fifth, 100% of their Amp-Hour capacity is available, whereas about 60% for SLA’s

Bioenno  batteries are nominally “12” volts.  When fully charged they measure 13.8 volts.  During discharge the voltage will drop very slowly until around 12 volts at 90% discharged, 11.5 volts at 95% discharged, and turning off at 11.0 volts when the full amp-hour rating is reached.  

Bioenno Battery BLF-1209A

This is a 9 Amp-Hour battery.  It is outfitted with a Powerpole connector and a special DC socket to permit connection to a convenient charger. This makes it is ideal for powering radio transmitters for amateur, or general communication It can power a  50 watt transceiver radio for over 7.5 hours.  Click on "add-ons" above to include the 2 amp charger, BLP-1502, for $22.00.  Shipping is by US Postal, PARCEL POST, Ground service only.


Type:  Lithium-Ferrous-Phosphate.  LiFePO4.

Nominal Voltage:  12 Volts

Maximum Charged Quiescent Voltage: 13.8 Volts

Minimum Voltage: 11.0 Volts at cutoff

Float Voltage:  14.6 volts Capacity: 9 Ampere-Hours 

Maximum Discharge Current: 18 Amperes continuously
Output Connector:  6 inch wire with Red, Black Powerpole

Charging Connector: 6 inch wire with a DC socket (Note: This wire connects to the output wire)

Size: 6.0 x 3.8 x  2.8 inches

Weight: 2.9 lbs.

Warrantee: 2 years from purchase date