Power Supply cable


Power Supply Cable Cable

These Power Supply Cables are used to connect power supplies to Equipment , Radios, and Power Strips that use Powerpole Connectors.  The wire is flexible multi-strand 12 AWG or 14 AWG copper wire coated with red and vinyl insulation.     The Anderson Powerpole® connectors match the red and black colors of the wires, and they are configured according to the ham radio convention.   The power supply end uses standard insulated ring terminals with a ¼ inch opening.    The cables are rated conservatively to safely to handle 40 amperes continuously.

Note that we recommend using the shortest wire whenever possible, in order to minimize voltage drop.  And use #12 AWG if you anticipate current in excess of 20 amperes.

To order, click on the upper left button to choose cable length and wire size, either the heavier wirer#12 or the lighter wire #14 AWG.