Brake Delay/LED module


This is an Assembly to be installed in a CDE or Hy-Gain Antenna Rotator control box.

The Brake Delay and Meter LED board updates your rotor controller and helps protect your rotor from damage due to braking while the antenna is still in motion. Rotor damage may occur if you release the brake before the antenna comes to a complete stop. Then, to repair a broken rotor, it must be taken off the tower, disassembled, damaged parts replaced, and then put back on the tower…a difficult and costly procedure.  Installing the Brake Delay circuit will completely eliminate rotor failure to due to damaged gear teeth and brake components.  In addition, this package includes a bright LED panel to replace the failure prone incandescent bulb.  The package contains two assembled circuit boards: the relay board, and the LED board.  They are easily installed within the rotor control box, requiring unsoldering and soldering in a few wires to accessible terminals.  Using the rotator is the same as before, except that when the rotate paddle is released and the brake paddle is released, the rotor is allowed time to come to a stop before braking is applied.  The delay time is user adjustable from 1sec to 10 sec.  When the rotor is ON the meter is brightly illuminated with white LEDs; when the brake is depressed, the meter lights up with red during the delay period.  Comes complete with easy-to-follow instructions.


Delay Relay Board:

         2 x 2 inches, delay circuit, relay, regulator

         Power: Taken from Rotator Lamp Feed

         Connections:  Two 6- inch wires to rotor brake switch. Solder pads for brake feed

LED Board:

         4 x 0.5 inches, 3 red LEDs, 4 white LEDs.

         Connected to Relay Board with 3 wires

Weight:  4 oz.